Why line your curtains?

Madura offers a wide range of removable linings which can be added to all curtains with a simple snap.

While lining curtains isn't compulsory, there are many advantages:

The fabric falls better: the curtain is heavier and drapes more elegantly

To protect from the light: patterns are less subjected to transparency caused by light, and stand out more. The curtain is protected from UV rays and will last longer

To extend your nights: lining helps to safeguard sleep for the whole family, particularly for bedroom windows.

To protect from heat and cold: lining protects you from the cold in winter by creating a barrier against draughts, and from the heat in summer by filtering the sun's rays.

To protect from noise: lining offers protection against sound pollution, transforming your interior into a true haven of peace and tranquillity.

The lining can be matched with the curtain in a tone-on-tone style to unite the decorative effect. It can also provide a contrast to create a fractured effect in your interior.

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