Which curtain/voile curtain heading should I choose?

Which curtain/voile curtain heading should I choose?


Modern and sleek, this finish enables you to achieve regular waves and wide folds in the draped fabric. The curtain heading is set with large steel rings which easily slide along the rod. A finish which is easy to use and to hang, and which doesn't require any extra accessories.

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Pencil pleat curtains

This finish enables you to create folds based on the desired spacing, and is at home in classic or refined bedrooms and living rooms. The gathered heading (also known as tape top) is sewn at the top of the curtain, enabling hooks to be attached to hang on a track, or rings to be attached to hang on a rod. The gathered heading partially conceals the rod. Hooks are provided with every Madura curtain for hanging on a track. To hang on a rod, you can complete your purchase with rings colour-coordinated to your rod (steel grey, gold, brown, gunmetal grey).

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Curtains with straps

The curtain slides along the rod thanks to removable straps which are attached directly to the curtain heading. Transform your pencil pleat or sliding curtains into strap curtains with a simple snap, and create an original contrast by using a different fabric

Curtains with ring-holders

Original and decorative, ring-holders enable you to unhook the curtains without taking down the rod. They attach to any pencil pleat or sliding curtains, and adapt to fit a rod (ring-holder) or track (fixture).

Curtains with ties

Held in place by loops knotted around the rod, these curtains and voile curtains feature non-structured, free falling fabric. We particularly recommend this finish for voile curtains as it emphasises the fresh and light feel, adding a summery touch to your interior. Perfect for the natural environment of children's bedrooms.




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