Which curtain is right for which room?

Your needs change according to the room, and some curtains are more suitable than others.

For a bedroom, choose curtains or voile curtains with soft colours, and possibly with blackout lining so you don't have to rise with the sun...

For a living room, to make the most of the sunshine while preserving your privacy, we recommend combining curtains and voile curtains with a double curtain rod. Come evening, the curtains will protect you from the cold and provide your interior with a warm atmosphere.

For a kitchen, choose a curtain which is resistant to everyday wear. Mini-sheers (or windowpane voile curtains) are perfectly at home in kitchens, and soften light coming in through narrow windows. You can also consider Roman or Venetian blinds, which can be attached without drilling into your walls and whose length is adjustable.

The same applies to bathrooms. In order to facilitate easy maintenance for curtains exposed to humidity, we recommend polyester curtains and voile curtains: this material doesn't crease easily and is resistant to wear and to water, as well as being machine-washable.

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