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What length rod should I choose?

Madura rods are available in 4 lengths (59", 71", 79", 98"), 2 diameters (0.4" and 0.8" ) and multiple finishes.

If your windows are an interim width, Madura rods can be cut and connected together with endless possibilities.

A rod generally rests on two brackets, attached on either side of the window.

If the rod is more than 79", it is essential to add a third bracket halfway between the brackets at either end.

If the width of your window requires a rod more than 98" long, you can use an invisible connector to achieve the desired length.

You will also need to add a supplementary bracket for each rod connector.


It is also possible to fix a rod between two walls or in a unilateral recess using recess brackets.

The rod length corresponds to the space between the two walls.

If the rod is fitted within a recess using a recess bracket at one end and a wall bracket at the other, we recommend extending the rod 8"-12" beyond the edge of the window at the wall bracket end.

Finally, it is also possible to add a connector as long as you add a ceiling bracket to support the weight of the curtains.


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