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How do you hem curtains using iron-on tape?

All Madura curtains include an adjustable length between 5', 6.5' or 11.5' for some models.

Iron-on tape is supplied with all curtains/voile curtains to enable you to create a hem at the desired length. Achieve a perfect finish without any sewing!

Before hemming, we recommend ironing your curtains to remove any creases left by the packaging, and then hanging them for a few days.

The first machine wash or dry clean can also cause curtains to shrink, especially if they are made from natural fibres (linen, wool, cotton, etc.). If you do not immediately clean them, add a couple of centimetres onto the desired hemming length.

There are two types of iron-on tape: a thicker one with protective paper, mainly used for curtains, and a thinner one without protective paper, mainly used for voile curtains. The placing technique is slightly different depending on the type of iron-on tape.

With paper

Beforehand, iron in a fold at the desired hemming length.

Place the tape at the bottom of the curtain with the glue side against the wrong side of the fabric.

Iron, then remove the protective paper.

Turn down the fabric at the desired hem length and iron again.

2. Without paper

Turn down the fabric at the desired hem length and iron. The hem is complete.



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