Curtains or voile curtains?

Curtains and voile curtains differ in terms of appearance and function.

Made from thick fabric, curtains are as decorative as they are essential, as they keep out the light as well as the outside temperature. Play with patterns, fabrics and colours, to decorate your windows and personalise your interior.

Voile curtains, made from light and translucent fabric, soften the light without blocking it out completely. They will bring a decorative touch to your interior that is both discreet and elegant, and will enable you to preserve your privacy.

Sheer curtain with grommets Thasos white

Sheer curtain with grommets Thasos white

4 available sizes
Fixing types

Thanks to double curtain rods, you can decorate your window with sheers, to enjoy the light during the day and maintain your privacy, and with curtains to protect you from the cold in the evenings.

>To guarantee complete opacity and protect your curtains from UV rays, we recommend lining them with a blackout lining.

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