Construct your rod set-up

A wide range of possible combinations and accessories will enable you to create your project: single or double rods, brackets, finials and connectors.

Single rod: A rod set-up usually includes 1 rod, 2 brackets to hold the rod and 2 finials enabling you to personalise the rod and hold the curtain in place.

Double rod: you can simultaneously hang curtains and voile curtains thanks to double brackets. In this case, the set-up includes 2 rods, 2 double brackets and 4 finials.

If you need a rod longer than 10'  you will need to use two rods and a connector. For a 11.8' rod, for example, you will need: 2 rods measuring 6', 1 connector, 3 brackets (one of which goes at the connecting point between 2 two rods) and 2 finials.

Madura brackets are available in three lengths: 1.5', 3' , and 4.5'.  1.5' brackets are mainly used for ceiling or headboard attachments. However, if you want to attach a rod to the ceiling to hang eyelet curtains, it's preferable to choose 8 cm brackets (eyelets sit 1'-1.5'  above the rod).

If you choose to attach brackets to the wall perpendicularly, the choice of length will depend on the distance you want to maintain between the window and the curtain (for example, accommodating a radiator beneath the window). You will also need to choose the diameter of the bracket based on the diameter reserved for the rod, i.e. 0.4' or 0.8'.

Other tips & tricks

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