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Colour power

According to our moods, atmospheres will change and some colors are more suitable than others.


The colour of sunlight, yellow will warm up your interior and boost your energy, keeping cold, rain and gloom at bay. A symbol of wealth, youth and strength, it will enhance your room and give a luminous and summery look

Complementary color : purple

Related colors : red, orange, green

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Sunny colour orange awakens optimism and facilitates concentration. A symbol of honour, drive and joie de vivre, it is especially recommended for an office to stimulate sharp mindedness.

Complementary color : blue
Related colors : red, yellow, brown

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The favourite colour in Egyptian civilisation where it was associated with truth and divine immortality, blue remains a symbol of wisdom, infinity, loyalty and peace even today. Conducive to meditation and tranquillity, blue works beautifully in living rooms and bedrooms, bringing serenity and reverie.

Complementary color : orange
Related colors : purple, pink, green

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The colour of flames, red awakens strength, creativity and passion. A symbol of life, power and nobility, it is perfect for environments with antique furniture and ambiances which are both elegant and classic
Complimentary colour: green
Related colours: purple, orange, brown

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Pink is a soft colour which balances wisdom and cheerfulness. A symbol of softness, it will be at home in a classic or romantic living room featuring an interplay of tones.

Complimentary colour: blue
Related colours: yellow, pink, green

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The colour of nature, green stimulates energy and brings luck. A symbol of hope, fertility and eternal renewal, it will lift the dynamic elements of a stylish living room. In paler shades, it is romantic and suited to bedrooms with pastel tones.

Complimentary colour: red
Related colours: yellow, blue

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Beige, off-white and sand are neutral colours which let in light while preserving the freshness of a room. Relaxing on the eye, they are tranquil and serene to behold.

No particular complimentary colours
Related colours: all colours

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Pencil pleat curtain Bellevue natural

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A symbol of purity and innocence, white is a refined colour suited to a classic or Zen ambiance as well as modern settings, in which, contrasted with black, it takes on a highly stylish appeal.

Complimentary colour: black

Related colours: all colours

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For bringing back childhood memories or indulgent relaxation, pastel colours are reminiscent of happy moments and reverie…

No particular complimentary colours
Related colours: yellow, blue, pink, green

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The colour of night, black symbolises distinction and elegance while grey symbolises modernism and understated style. As chic as they are stylish, they are suited to all settings and are particularly at home in living rooms.

Complimentary colour: white
Related colours: for black - grey; for grey - blue, black, pink, green

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