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All the ways to use Madura blankets and bedspreads

To create a warm atmosphere in your living room, to transform your sofa, or to cover your bed, Madura blankets are available in various fabrics and colours.


Beds, armchairs, and sofas

For a light and elegant effect, choose a linen blanket from the BELLEVUE collection, or a cotton blanket (DOLCE).

Throw Bellevue grey

Throw Bellevue grey

3 available sizes

For those who love a warm ambiance, there are fur-look blankets (NEBRASKA, VANCOUVER) and mohair blankets (MELLOW): perfect for winter nights.


To create a cocoon ambiance, choose from a range of quilted bedspreads: these thick and soft covers will adorn your bed and warm up winter.


Other tips & tricks

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