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Add style to your curtains with our tiebacks

Tasselled, brooch, twisted and magnetic tiebacks give your curtains style by adding a decorative touch while also enabling you to play with shape, for a romantic or contemporary effect.



The embodiment of a romantic spirit and in the purest passementerie tradition, tasselled tiebacks enable you to create the perfect curtain drapery. Initially inspired by the Italian Renaissance, our tasselled tiebacks possess an oriental spirit evocative of Moroccan palaces and noble Asian dynasties (ESSAOUIRA and PAGODE). Hooks are required to attach them to the wall on either side of a window.

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Classic cord or pearl necklace tiebacks give shape to your curtains, and enhance a pattern just as much they do as understated solid colours. Opt for cotton collections with a rope effect (COTTAGE and LUBERON) for muted, high-quality finish. Hooks are required to attach them to the wall on either side of a window.

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The extremely fine ALMA tiebacks are magnetic and clip together for an understated, contemporary effect. You can equally play with the shades available to bring a stylish colour pop to your interior design. Magnetic tiebacks can also be used as an original way to quickly adjust the hem of sheer voile curtains. A practical technique to avoid attaching hooks to the wall. Opt for a suede collection (MONTANA) for a muted, high-quality finish.

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Round or square brooch tiebacks are fastened with a thin rod, which envelops the curtain. The contemporary-style CHENONCEAU tiebacks match more modern curtains and voile curtains particularly well. Sculpted wood brings an ethnic feel (AFRICA) to your curtains. Designs made from jute or pearlescent or serrated metal also lend a romantic feel (NYMPHEA). Perfect for voile curtains or light curtains.

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