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45 years of creations

Over its 45 years of existence and creation, Madura has made its mark on the history of interior decoration by bringing richness and innovation, diversity and constant improvements, to all its styles.
As well as offering its vast range of textiles, Madura also anticipated its customers’ needs with a wide choice of lamps, blinds and accessories.

Since we all have the right to redesign our homes, or to invent our own idea of what is beautiful in them, Madura wanted to offer every style, every colour and every material, be it simple or original, top-of-the-range or more practical, traditional or up-to-the-minute - but always with a keen eye on quality.

This principle can be seen throughout every collection Madura creates, and every product Madura brings out; because if it aims to give pleasure, interior design must be made easy, enjoyable and approachable. The finishing touch comes from offering you the best satisfaction of all: the feel-good factor, when at home !

A warm and welcoming, but dynamic, ‘home sweet home’, thanks to an unbeatable ready-to-use collection which will express your inner self and your personality. That’s the Madura lifestyle, which we invite you to explore and to follow from now on !

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